“Where mobile-nixos is going, and what's going on” Samuel Dionne-Riel · Talk (30 minutes)

Building and managing your mobile device's operating system with Nix, Nixpkgs and NixOS? More likely than you think! Even on the device you already own*!

*some conditions may apply

“Running Nix on Android: when the low-hanging fruit is also the ripest one” Alexander Sosedkin · Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

There are billions of Android devices out there, and millions of them have found their home in pockets of Linux enthusiasts. And it turns out that for those who want to use familiar software on the go, we already have nixpkgs, compiled and ready to use.

I will briefly touch on the way the other dis…

“Welcome / Opening / Coffee” Orgateam · Talk (30 minutes)

Just a blocker for the introduction in the schedule.

“Reading Nix expressions” zimbatm · Talk (30 minutes)

You just installed Nix or NixOS. You have have a configuration.nix, default.nix or shell.nix and it just looks like a soup of characters? This talk is for you.

“haskell.nix - an alternative infrastructure for building haskell packages” Samuel Leathers · Talk (30 minutes)

haskell.nix provides a nix build infrastructure for haskell packages and projects. The primary use case for haskell.nix is to serve as the substrate to build any haskell project in CI without having to resort to modifications to the project. haskell.nix has support for cabal projects as well as sta…

“Nix-based development environments at Shopify” Burke Libbey · Talk (30 minutes)

At Shopify, we have somewhere on the order of 1e3 developers, all using macOS
laptops as primary development environments. We're in the process of
integrating Nix as the backbone of our tooling to provision as many of the
development dependencies as possible, initially replacing Homebrew and parts …

“Nix flakes” Eelco Dolstra · Talk (30 minutes)

This talk will give an overview of Nix flakes, a proposed mechanism to package Nix expressions into composable entities ("flakes"). Flakes allow hermetic, reproducible evaluation of multi-repository Nix projects; impose a discoverable, standard structure on Nix projects; and replace previous mecha…

“From local dev to prod (development environment for fullstack project)” Tomasz Czyż · Talk (30 minutes)

Case Study: Setup description of fullstack application (django, postgresql, vue.js, reactjs, react-native, integration tests). The talk is about how this setup is constructed and used to support day to day operations with local application setup for development, full testing environment and staging…

“nix-cluster - how I manage cloud deployment with small tool” Tomasz Czyż · Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

I wrote small tool as alternative to nixops. It's very simple and tries to bring correct abstraction to deliver nix to whatever cloud.

“Utilizing A Nixops Plugin Architecture” John Lotoski · Talk (30 minutes)

NixOps, a tool for deploying NixOS machines in a network or cloud, has historically been developed through a single repository. This presentation will review the incentive for moving to an alternative NixOps plugin based architecture where feature sets for specific cloud or network providers are m…

“Nixery - A Nix-backed container registry” Vincent Ambo · Talk (30 minutes)

Nixery builds container images on-demand via Nix and serves them via the standard Docker registry protocol. In this talk we look at how it works, which implementation challenges came up and how it is useful in the so-called "real world".

“Always be cross-compiling” Matthew Bauer · Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

Separating build-time and run-time dependencies is both necessary to cross-compilation and useful to native-compilation. Many package sets, including early Nixpkgs, lacks a strong distinction between the two, but we have made efforts in improving this in Nixpkgs. Both current and future efforts are…

“An overview of language support in Nix” Nicolas Mattia · Talk (30 minutes)

Most mainstream programming languages have several build platforms available. Which one should you use? Which one will your mugle coworker hate you for?

Build platforms generally strike a balance between "usability" (will nix-build succeed if npm build succeed?) and "incrementality" (will nix-build…

“Arion: fast NixOS on Docker Compose” Robert Hensing · Talk (30 minutes)

An introduction to Arion: learn why we built it on top of Docker Compose, how it integrates with Nix and how you can use it. As Arion is mostly an application of the Nix modules system, we share our experience of building it.

“The dark and murky past of NixOS” armijn · Talk (30 minutes)

NixOS hasn't always been there, but it was created by a small team 15 years ago. In this talk you will learn how NixOS got started (and what came before), why certain design decisions that are still in NixOS today were made, and perhaps see an embarassing picture or two.

“EU Next Generation Initiative and other ways to get your NixOS project funded” armijn · Talk (30 minutes)

Since late 2018 NixOS Foundation is participating in the EU's Next Generation Initiative, which will grant a total of 11.2 million Euro to independent researchers and open source developers. This talk will dive into the why and how of the program, how it will benefit NixOS, how you can help us out …

“lorri – Your project’s nix env” Profpatsch · Talk (30 minutes)

lorri is a nix-shell replacement for project development. lorri is based around fast direnv integration for robust CLI and editor integration. https://github.com/target/lorri/

“Build outside of the (sand)box.” layus · Talk (30 minutes)

This talk will present experiments at building packages incrementally by relying on an external cache outside the nix sandbox. We will show how tools such as distcc and bazel can benefit from impure information during the build, and discuss how this impacts purity and reproducibility.

Expect benchm…

“NixOS 19.09 release talk” Linus Heckemann · Talk (30 minutes)

Sam and I will talk about our experience releasing the last two NixOS 19.09, and take a look at some statistics for both 19.03 and 19.09.

“Using post-build hooks to get automatic caching of untrusted builds” Florian Klink · Talk (30 minutes)

This talk describes how to use post-build hooks, a recently added Nix feature, to automatically sign and upload artifacts to a binary cache, so they can be re-used for subsequent builds.

It compares that approach with existing ones, and explains why using post-build hooks are superior in terms of w…

“Nix: How and Why it Works” Graham Christensen, zimbatm · Talk (30 minutes)

Learn the Nix language and the rules which make Nix a unique take on build tooling and system administration.

In this interactive, live-demo talk, we will cover:

  • string context,
  • basic syntax,
  • functions,
  • laziness,
  • and how builds are made functional

“How to package {Python,Ruby,Rust,Node,Go} programs” Graham Christensen, zimbatm · Longer Talk (60 minutes)

In this talk we will look at tooling to quickly package programs in each of:

  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Rust
  • Node
  • Go

At the end of this talk we will have created a working package in each of these language ecosystems.

“Overrides: In and Out” Graham Christensen · Talk (30 minutes)

Receive a visual guide to package overrides. We will cover:

  • the three methods of overriding package definitions (override, overrideAttrs, and overrideDerivation)
  • why there are three ways
  • what they each do
  • when to use them
  • how to make your own overridable packages

“Fearless Tinkering: How NixOS Works” Graham Christensen · Talk (30 minutes)

Learn how NixOS goes from a configuration.nix through the module system, to a profile. How the profile activates, how the boot loader entry is created, and how bootloader rollbacks work.

We will explore how NixOS boots, and learn how to experiment fearlessly.

“Nix GUI. Visualizing Nix store and scope” Eugene Shatsky · Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

To me, Nix is "simple but unobvious". It is competing with software management systems which have much less non-obviousness in-house, instead making managed systems obscure (e. g. monolithic OSTree filesystem vs. structured and queryable Nix store). I believe that Nix would benefit from GUI tools d…

“Peering into the Land of Parentheses - Guix from the Nix Perspective” Daniel Schaefer · Talk (30 minutes)

Nix has a sibling, which looks very different, but functions in a very similar manner - Guix of the GNU project.
This talk will explore what exactly it is and, in particular, how it compares to Nix.
We look at whether Nix can take some inspiration from it and whether it is useful as a complimentary…

“Configuration management with Morph” Marek Mahut · Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

How we use Morph to keep our company up and running.

“What makes a formatter?” Lars Jellema · Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

I discuss the big questions to consider when building a code formatter and the choices I made building nixfmt.

“Testing for and deploying to AWS environments: a toolbox” Nicolas Mattia · Talk (30 minutes)

This is an overview of the setup we used when building DeckDeckGo. We used Nix to test and deploy code to AWS Lambda, backed by Amazon's Simple Queue Service, DynamoDB, S3 and RDS PostgreSQL.

“NixOS RFC Process” globin · Lightning Talk (5 minutes)


“ip2nix” aszlig · Lightning Talk (5 minutes)


“Hercules CI” Domen Kozar · Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

A short live demo of Hercules CI