Peering into the Land of Parentheses - Guix from the Nix Perspective
2019-10-26, 10:00–10:30, Open Space

Nix has a sibling, which looks very different, but functions in a very similar manner - Guix of the GNU project.
This talk will explore what exactly it is and, in particular, how it compares to Nix.
We look at whether Nix can take some inspiration from it and whether it is useful as a complimentary tool.

Guix's principles are aligned with those of Nix, but the language it uses to define derivations, as well as the commandline it is controlled with, are vastly different.
After an introduction into using Guix as a Nix user, we evaluate which lessons Nix can learn from its younger relative.

The original author of Guix had been a contributor to nixpkgs but nowadays there is little community interaction between both projects.
Can we work together and benefit from each other's knowledge and hard work?

Do both systems compliment each other and would it be useful to have both installed?