Nixery - A Nix-backed container registry
2019-10-26, 16:00–16:30, Open Space

Nixery builds container images on-demand via Nix and serves them via the standard Docker registry protocol. In this talk we look at how it works, which implementation challenges came up and how it is useful in the so-called "real world".

Nixery ( is a small service that implements the Docker registry protocol to serve container images, but with a twist: Instead of the images being pre-built and uploaded to storage, they are created on-demand as the container clients request them.

A public instance is available for you to play around with at!

This talk will look at the evolution of the idea (from Kubernetes resources to URL schemes), implementation challenges (such as URL-to-package mapping and image layering) and real-world use-cases (with private Nix repositories and Kubernetes)).