NixCon 2020: Online Edition

Ryan Lahfa

FOSS developer for more than five years, (eternal?) student in mathematics and computer science, interested into formal methods applied to computer security, networks and more.

I enjoy playing around with infrastructure and run my own micro-datacenter in order to understand how can we develop an (economic viable?) model of an NixOS-only and IPv6-only datacenter as much as possible.

And then, someday, I will write a formal proof that the Nix core is sound. But that will be for another day.

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NixOps for Proxmox

We will explore how to build and manage dozens of NixOS virtual machines in a Proxmox cluster using NixOps in a declarative fashion.

Host a DevOps exam using NixOS

We will explore how to host a DevOps exam consisting in deploying a Bastion host and a KVM virtual machine per student in order for them to deploy a website which will be auto-validated.