NixCon 2020: Online Edition

“Nix at Chatroulette v2” Gabriel Volpe · Talk (25 minutes)

People already familiar with Nix already know its benefits but what is the best way to tell others what they are missing out? How do you convince your employer and colleagues that using Nix is a good idea? Let me tell you how I did it at Chatroulette ( and show you t…

“home-manager template” Ryan Mulligan · Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

home-manager template provides a quick-start template for using home-manager in a more reproducible way. You don't have to install home-manager, and it uses pinning. Learn more.

“How to change the Nix ecosystem to become mainstream?” Domen Kožar · Talk (25 minutes)

Nix is almost 20 years old.

The innovation Nix brought is now present in almost all recent packaging tooling,
while Nix hasn't been adopted yet by a larger audience.

Why should we care about that?

What can we do to remove the barriers to mainstream adoption?

We'll look at examples from books, simi…

“Robotnix - Build Android (AOSP) using Nix” Daniel Fullmer · Talk (25 minutes)

Robotnix enables a user to build Android (AOSP) images using the Nix package manager. AOSP projects often contain long and complicated build instructions requiring a variety of tools for fetching source code and executing the build. This applies not only to Android itself, but also to projects whic…

“Nix in the Java ecosystem” Farid Zakaria · Talk (25 minutes)

Java is one of the most popular languages (ranked 2nd by PYPL [1]), however there is a fragmented and incomplete solution when it comes to tooling available by NixPkgs.

This talk will go over the current state of affairs (what's available today), what's so difficult about Java compared to other sup…

“nix-processmgmt: An experimental Nix-based process manager-agnostic framework” Sander van der Burg · Talk (25 minutes)

Nix is package manager that offers all kinds of powerful features to make package deployments reliable and reproducible. Although Nix can be used to conveniently deploy packages, on various operating systems (such as Linux and macOS), and even allows unprivileged users to deploy packages, deploying…

“Bridging the stepping stones: using pieces of NixOS without full commitment” Michael Raskin · Talk (25 minutes)

The talk explains use of NixOS code as a library instead of a framework: the present, the possible even better future, and some of the payoff.

“An Intelligent System to Recommend Configurations” Yisroel Newmark · Talk (25 minutes)

In this talk I will discuss the idea of recommending configurations automatically, as well as its applications and challenges, as well as how it functions within the larger community.

“Automating deployment with Hercules CI and NixOps” Robert Hensing · Talk (25 minutes)

Introduction to Hercules CI, NixOps and a step by step demonstration of setting up a continuous delivery pipeline with these tools.

“NixOps for Proxmox” Ryan Lahfa · Thunder Talk (15 minutes)

We will explore how to build and manage dozens of NixOS virtual machines in a Proxmox cluster using NixOps in a declarative fashion.

“Host a DevOps exam using NixOS” Ryan Lahfa · Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

We will explore how to host a DevOps exam consisting in deploying a Bastion host and a KVM virtual machine per student in order for them to deploy a website which will be auto-validated.

“Hack Day Join Point” Nick Bathum · Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

!/usr/bin/env bash

places=("Jitsi" "IRC" "Matrix" "Discord" "\$other_platform" )

activities=( "meet other Nix users" "find a bug to fix" "discuss the future of NixOS"
"collaborate on a project" "do something" "gain knowledge" )

oneOf () {
eval echo "\${$1[$RANDOM % \${#$1[@]}]}" …

“Nix modules: Improving Nix's discoverability and usability” Eelco Dolstra · Talk (25 minutes)

Nix's configuration language is quite powerful, but suffers from a
lack of discoverability, usability and consistency. In this talk, I'll
describe an experimental Nix module system that provides a consistent,
discoverable mechanism to write configurations such as packages and
NixOS systems, and sho…

“Nix Flakes in Production: What, Why and How” Alexander Bantyev · Talk (25 minutes)

At Serokell, we have been using Nix for over 5 years. In the last half-year, we have started an effort to use flakes to build our infrastructure and projects. In this talk, I would like to give a refresher of what flakes are, explain why we are so excited about them, and share experiences, thoughts…

“Remote deployments with NixOS and Nixops at Yakkertech” Aden Seaman · Talk (25 minutes)

At Yakkertech we use NixOS and Nixops to deploy software in a safe, reproducible, and manageable way to our embedded baseball pitch tracking machines installed in ball fields in the US.

“Nix from the dark ages (without Root)” Rohit Goswami · Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

Short comments from the trenches of High Performance Clusters on working with Nix on kernel locked-in systems without proot support.

“How Nix grew a marketing team” Rok Garbas · Talk (25 minutes)

In my talk I'd like to go over:

  1. Why Nix community needs a marketing team
  2. What have we been up to in marketing team in the last 6 months
  3. What are the plans for the next 6 months

Marketing, and non-technical work in general, is all too often an afterthought for developers or worse it is viewed as s…

“Bringing NixOS to my school” Marc Schmitt · Talk (25 minutes)

EPITA, a French school of engineers in computer science, is bringing NixOS to its students. Here is a presentation of the challenges of maintaining an infrastructure of more than 800 machines used by students.

“Nix × IPFS” John Ericson · Rain Talk (10 minutes)

IPFS is a natural way to distribute sources and build artifacts for Nix because of their shared focus on immutability, content addressing, and decentralization. We at Obsidian Systems have spent the past several months integrating the two, and we're excited to present the result to the the Nix comm…

“Meet Nickel: better configuration for less” Yann Hamdaoui · Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

A quick presentation of Nickel, a general configuration language which is inspired from Nix expressions to which it adds some cool features.

“content-addressed derivations” Théophane Hufschmitt · Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

This is part of the Intensional Store model. See