NixCon 2020: Online Edition

Aden Seaman

“Remote deployments with NixOS and Nixops at Yakkertech”

Alexander Bantyev

“Nix Flakes in Production: What, Why and How”

Daniel Fullmer

“Robotnix - Build Android (AOSP) using Nix”

Domen Kožar

“How to change the Nix ecosystem to become mainstream?”

Eelco Dolstra

“Nix modules: Improving Nix's discoverability and usability”

Farid Zakaria

“Nix in the Java ecosystem”

Gabriel Volpe

“Nix at Chatroulette v2”

John Ericson

“Nix × IPFS”

Marc Schmitt

“Bringing NixOS to my school”

Michael Raskin

“Bridging the stepping stones: using pieces of NixOS without full commitment”

Nick Bathum

“Hack Day Join Point”

Robert Hensing

“Automating deployment with Hercules CI and NixOps”

Rohit Goswami

“Nix from the dark ages (without Root)”

Rok Garbas

“How Nix grew a marketing team”

Ryan Lahfa

“NixOps for Proxmox” | “Host a DevOps exam using NixOS”

Ryan Mulligan

“home-manager template”

Sander van der Burg

“nix-processmgmt: An experimental Nix-based process manager-agnostic framework”

Théophane Hufschmitt

“content-addressed derivations”

Yann Hamdaoui

“Meet Nickel: better configuration for less”

Yisroel Newmark

“An Intelligent System to Recommend Configurations”